Jamaica is a great place but it is not perfect, the imperfection is based around the entitlement and arrogance mentality most of us posses. One of the ways these traits manifest themselves is through our reluctance to accept being told the truth. We are always willing to tell someone else where they are going wrong but we should never be told. Some of that come from how the truth is delivered; most Jamaicans have no concept of tact and are often very insensitive, therefore the truth can get lost in delivery. I am as guilty as anyone else. If you think you can be insensitive to my feelings because you are telling me the truth; you have another thing coming. Aside from insensitivity, we also have an arrogance problem, therefore being corrected is interpreted by some people as being less than. I say all of that to make it clear to the viewer of this post that if your feelings get hurt as a result of this post the issue is not the post. Face the truth and make the necessary adjustments; after all, The Secret To Life Is Truth. Truth delivered with compassion is one of the necessary nourishments. Jamaicans have a sensitivity and compassion problem, and for those of us who want to make things better the sooner we accept that fact the sooner we will be able to move things along. You cannot expect to live your life with total disregard to your fellow Jamaican and at the same time expect life to be harmonious; that is insanity.

Jamaica is in this state because the majority of our population are insane; and I mean that with the utmost respect. The nation is suffering from trauma; we are constantly in a heightened sense of fear and that fear will always display itself as violence, lack of trust or always being defensive. Be more considerate and less about you and things will improve, I promise you. Giving Is Getting.


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