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Black Magik Entertainment is the result of a multiplicity of needs. Firstly the uncontrollable need to bring people together. The need to contribute to society in a positive way and help to bring about the kind of awareness that will aid us along the journey of changes we will have to make. The need to give; because if we all give we will all get what we desire. The need to make people happy, happiness is contagious. The need to push the boundaries of entertainment; the end result of entertainment is the only escape some people have from the monotony of their lives. There is also a need to demonstrate a harmonious synergy between entertainment and people and as a result hopefully influence other creators of entertainment to accept their responsibilities as media creators.

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The Gate Keepers

The Gate Keepers Do you disseminate music? Are you aware that makes you a gatekeeper? Why did you choose to be a gatekeeper? Is it to be famous? Is it to cover some of your insecurities? Is it because of an uncontrollable...

A Spoilt Child Is Bad, But A Spoilt Adults Is Worse

A Spoilt Child Is Bad, But A Spoilt Adults Is Worse

Children in Jamaica grow up with a sense of responsibility because they have to contribute to the running and the work load of the house. Washing the dishes, keeping the house clean, keeping the bathroom clean (hated by everyone and normally allocated to the person...