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When a child comes into the world that child is a blank slate. How that child behaves when it becomes an adult will be completely dependent on what was put into that child from birth. So if you look around the world every culture is different because each culture feeds their children with different stimulants. Cultures with little to no crime have social structures based around high morality and high educational values. Those are normally countries with high intellectual contributions on the world stage; they focus mainly on the scientific disciplines and agriculture more so than other economic means. That means it is the cultural environment that dictates how individual societies behave. One country to look at is Austria, not one much people talk about but is a very interesting one to observe.

I pick Austria because Austria is a country that makes and sells guns. Can you guess which gun Austria makes? Of course you can, you are from a gun loving country! Austria has one of the highest gun ownership in the entire world; while at the same time has probably the lowest gun crime in the entire world. Austria is a rich country by any standard but that is not what is unique; the thing that makes Austria unique is the emphasis the country puts on social mobility and education. Everyone must have a decent standard of living and illiteracy is unacceptable. Therefore there are systems in place to make sure no one is deprived of education; even the people who have special educational needs. Great wealth of any kind requires education, without education a fool and his money will soon part. That also means the government is held to very high expectations simply by the fact that the nation is not illiterate. All of that results in very little crime.

Jamaica, it is time for us to start looking at ourselves in an objective way; we are deluding ourselves and it is prolonging this ridiculous cycle. How many people have we seen get the opportunity to do good for themselves and others but within no time they end up where they started? How many artists have we seen ride high in one moment and in no time they become beggars? Why do you think that is? Most Jamaican artists are from very poor beginnings; they are often illiterate or functionally literate; similar to the way most of Jamaica is functionally literate. Jamaicans are designated as a service class, we are supposed to make up the work force of Canada, America, and England; therefore our education is geared towards that. Are you happy being the slaves of first world countries?

Let’s stick to Artists because this is primarily about artists. It would appear that the people with the most influence in Jamaica are artists and politicians. Why do you think that is? As it relates to artists; every poor person likes to see someone from the ghetto make it out because it gives us hope that we can do the same; so that is one reason. But the biggest reason why we hold artists and politicians in high regard is because they have the most to give; plain and simple. Is it possible that the two most destructive people in Jamaica are Politicians and Artist? Not all of them are destructive but they generally are. Let’s look at artists from the ghetto in depth and I will include myself in the following description. From birth our minds are packed with nothing but destructive behavior; we are surrounded by illiteracy, arrogance, abuse and fear. We get very little positivity and love; the little love we get is over shadowed by sex and violence. By the time a youth from the ghetto is 10 years of age we are packed with trauma no human being is supposed to be exposed to. Then that child grows up to become a public figure; you now have a mentally twisted, arrogant, paranoid, narcissist getting attention that even well adjusted people would struggle to balance.

Here is an outline of the life of most artists. A ghetto artist is fortunate enough to survive to the point where a prosperous career is looking very likely. The artist starts to invest in image, lots of gun men (who are themselves up for sale to rival artists/gang), and buying influence (mostly from radio presenters and sound system selectors who are also up for sale to anyone else with money). That is generally the business plan; but is that a sensible business structure? Can you recall what I said in my previous presentation called Payola Jamaica? It can take an artist more than 20 years to become notable; that means your time on the world stage will be very limited by the time you get noticed; therefore you will not have a lot of time to make as much money as it will require to create a lasting legacy. But from the moment these artists get the word go they instantly start doing the things that will limit their success. The money artists waste on gun men makes no sense at all. You have artists warring with each other paying the same gunmen to protect them. At the same time continuing the same destruction that we are all afraid of. The same destruction we grew up in; the same destruction that is killing the spirit of Jamaica. How stupid are you?

Mean while you have the radio djs in the background taking payment from everyone, encouraging the stupidity because they know these artist will not last long; so they encourage the stupidity as a way to keep the gravy train running. While at the same time you have the police also making money from this cycle of corrupted destruction. It would appear that artists are not as influential as we think. It is actually Politicians, Police and Radio Presenters who have the most influence in Jamaica but because Illiterate people are easy to manipulate they push the artists up front because their illiterate egos make them very easy to manipulate. At this point I will make a prediction for all the people quietly whispering about the link between artists and gun men. That link will not break until artists start to get gun down. As long as Jamaica continues to kiss the arse of artists they will continue financing gum men. Jamaica is being destroyed by the very people we look up to; the very people we hope will make things better for us. The mentality is stupid and outdated. We will not fix this problem with the same mentality that created it. We need a new mindset; or should I say; we need the original mindset; the one that broke the back of physical slavery. We are now slaves of our mentality; enough is enough.

2 reviews for Payola Jamaica 2

  1. Tilda

    An eye opening watch. I think many artists are aware of their power to influence but are fraid to lose their ‘status’, even if they deny being part of such a system.

  2. neurontnP

    I am not sure where you’re getting your information, but great topic.

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