Injustice To One Is Injustice To All, a spin on Martin Luther King’s “Injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere”. Our society has sat back and turned a blind eye to police brutality based on our fears and prejudices. It is okay for the police to abuse black people because I am not and I am sure they did something to deserve it anyway, or it is okay for the police to abuse anyone as long as they are labeled a criminal, because criminals pose an existential threat to society. That mindset only displays our lazy approach to our responsibilities in society. Do we lose our human rights once we run foul of the law? I don’t think so. Here is something else you should not forget, THE EGO IS INSATIABLE; Power Corrupts and Ultimate Power Corrupts Ultimately. Is there a problem with the way the police discharge their daily responsibilities?

I suspect that the only person that would dispute the previous question is a police officer, which is to be expected because people in the grips of the ego are very immature and as a result, irresponsible. The police is supposed to conduct themselves at the highest level of morality. Our police force is supposed to always be seen as the best representation of ourselves. The police force is supposed to diffuse situations and not escalate situations. Our police force is not supposed to demonstrate how powerful they are or compete with evil elements within our society. It is a tall order but our police force is supposed to showcase the best of us.

Everyone can complain or point out a problem but only heedful people can stay focused on solutions. What do you think would be a worthwhile solution for the problem with the police force today? Bear in mind the police force is inherently corrupt so there is no sense in allowing the police to police themselves. For those of you who take offence to my statement that the police force is inherently corrupt, consider this. There is an unwritten rule that police should do whatever it takes to protect each other and any officer who brings the abuse of power of another officer to light is immediately ostracized by the rest of their peers. Which other term would you use to describe such behavior?

Here is my solution to the current state of the police force. Everyone has some kind of portable recording device walking around with, we should record every move the police makes and the slightest indiscretion should be held to account.  After all, people are being killed for minor offences, therefore the police force should be forced to get accustomed to constant scrutiny. It is through the use of the said technology that we are now aware of the misconducts of the police force. I say we should make it a part of our daily routine to record the police in all their interactions.